Donate and help us buy the tools we need to recover produce. These include fruit-picking poles, bins, ladders, and more.
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Volunteer time

Volunteer your time this summer. Register to help harvest excess produce from farmers, farmers' markets, and neighbors!
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Register a Tree

If you have five or more mature fruit trees? If so, turn your excess harvest into a gift for those in need.
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Donate to Foraged Feast

We have big goals and need your help.  Donate and help us buy the tools we need to start recovering food! Together, we can reach underserved populations and connect local food sources with local needs.  Donate now!

  • $50 buys two fruit-picking poles
  • $75 buys two harvest bags
  • $100 buys a ladder
  • $200 buys over 100 produce bins for harvest and transport
  • $500 helps us provide insurance to homeowners