Donate and help us buy the tools we need to recover produce. These include fruit-picking poles, bins, ladders, and more.
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Volunteer time

Volunteer your time this summer. Register to help harvest excess produce from farmers, farmers' markets, and neighbors!
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Register a Tree

If you have five or more mature fruit trees? If so, turn your excess harvest into a gift for those in need.
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Register a Fruit Tree for Cleanup

Do you have five or more mature fruit trees? If so, turn your mature fruit tree's excess harvest into a gift for those in needs.  Register now!

Fruit Tree Owners

Fruit trees are awesome…in theory. In reality, once the spring blossoms turn into a rapidly producing fruit factory, it can be burdensome and difficult to manage. You can pick and pick and pick, but rotting fruit drops daily and your yard quickly becomes the go-to spot for neighborhood critters. Foraged Feast can help!

The goal is simple—we take what you don’t need or want, and we give it to people who do—and we do all the work! We distribute 100% of the food to our local non-profit partners that service the hungry in our communities.  This service for free to homeowners—but we rely on the financial support of our community so if you would like to contribute please visit our donation site.

Next Steps:

  1. Register your trees, Register now!
  2. With your help we will determine the peak harvest time for your trees and Schedule a day to come and harvest.
  3. We will come to your home and harvest your excess fruit, weigh it and then provide a tax-deductible receipt for your donation to our non-profit.   You are not required to be home but if you are we would love your help!

Please know that we are volunteered powered and as much as we would love to save every piece of fruit our capacity to pick can only go so far.  In order to maximize and prioritize our resources we are looking for five or more mature fruit trees that produce more than 100 lbs of fruit per season.  If we are unable to come and harvest your fruit we are happy to arrange a pick-up time with one of our local non- profit partners.  You will still receive a donation receipt for the amount of fruit that is donated. 

All volunteers are trained in proper harvesting techniques and all sign a liability waiver. In addition, Foraged Feast carries full liability insurance for all volunteer related activities. 
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