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Foraged Feast Staff & Advisors

Tracy Lowery, Executive Director

Tracy is a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. In 2009 Tracy travelled to Ethiopia to adopt two beautiful babies—and was profoundly affected by the lack of access to food and resources in Africa. Determined to make a difference, Tracy pursued a Master's in Agricultural Education at Colorado State University. Her love of gardening, and the need to provide for her growing family of five, compelled her to learn about food preservation, and she is now on her way to becoming a Master Preserver. Tracy is passionate about everyone having equal access to healthy food, as well as diminishing the amount of food that is wasted. As Executive Director and Co-founder of Foraged Feast, she develops community partnerships and is a strong advocate for nutrition and food equity in her state and across the world.

Maisie Roberts, Managing Director

Maisie developed a passion for gardening while volunteering with a horticultural therapy program for children. The simple act of growing, nurturing, and harvesting food brought so much joy and healing, and Maisie knew she had found her calling. After graduating from Colorado State University, she pursued her graduate degree from the University of Colorado, with a focus on managing and developing non-profit organizations. As a Colorado native, Maisie never forgets what this wonderful state offers in beauty, activity, and nourishment. She co-founded Foraged Feast because she feels strongly that every child should have access to food, shelter, and education. Maisie brings over a decade of sales, marketing, financial, and business experience to Foraged Feast.

Paige Davis, Fundraising and Event Planner

Paige traded the sun and sand of Florida for the Colorado mountains five years ago and hasn't looked back! She is the proud mother to Molly, a beautiful yellow lab, and a lover of all things outdoors. Paige discovered a natural talent and passion for organizing events as the president of the Professional Management Association at the FSU College of Business. She brings a competitive spirit and charming personality to the Foraged Feast team, serving in the role of Fundraising and Event Planner.

Janelle Schultz, Projects & Partnership Manager

Janelle grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, learning at a very young age the value of growing and harvesting food. The thought of food going to waste horrified her Grandpa Lloyd, and he taught her the importance of responsible consumption. Because hunger is such a widespread issue in our community, Janelle has made it her mission to identify and share resources to help combat the problem. In her role at Foraged Feast, Janelle will coordinate projects and community outreach to get the word out to help end hunger now!

Dany Rossman, Communication and Marketing Manager

Dany is a novice urban homesteader who dreams of creating a sustainable backyard farm that will not only feed her family, but will create an abundance to share with her neighbors and friends. Dany believes that great things can happen when communities come together to share resources, time, and love. With a background in publishing and marketing, Dany helps put words to the goals of Foraged Feast, increasing outreach and spreading the message of food equity for all!

About Foraged Feast

Foraged Feast is a Denver-based 501(c)3 non-profit that harnesses the power of volunteers that harvest locally grown produce from public spaces, private homes and local farms. We distribute the produce to local food shelters and other non-profits that support the underserved of the community.  You can help by registering your fruit tree to be harvested, volunteering to pickup produce, or donating.