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If you have five or more mature fruit trees? If so, turn your excess harvest into a gift for those in need.
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About Foraged Feast

Foraged Feast Collects and Connects

Foraged Feast is a Denver-based non-profit that collects locally grown food that would otherwise go unused or wasted and connects those nutritional food sources with the underserved of our community.  This includes gleaning fruit trees in private and public spaces and recovering excess produce from farmer’s markets, local farms and wholesale distributors.  Foraged Feast believes that by coming together and sharing resources, we can reach underserved populations and connect local food sources with local needs.  We do this because we care, and because sharing feels good.


The mission of Foraged Feast is to take advantage of the abundance of unused, wasted, or unwanted food grown in our local communities—and connect those food resources to the underserved.  This simple act will reconnect, educate and build our community, and help eradicate food inequity.  Waste Less. Give More. Connect Always. It’s that simple.

To fulfill our mission we need the help of all community members: business and homeowners with fruit-filled trees, volunteers with time to donate, local food banks with distribution resources, and the support of neighbors and friends.  Together, we can reach underserved populations and connect local food sources with local needs.

We Believe....

  • Communities are stronger when all people have access to fresh, local, sustainable, nutritious food

  • Harvesting and distributing food takes a lot less time and energy when more hands are helping

  • Getting our hands dirty connects us to our food in a very meaningful and powerful way

  • Finding ways to reduce waste is better than finding ways to recycle it

  • Food should be more than a commodity

  • Millions of people do not have access to enough food—and the solution is literally in our backyards